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Sexual Misconduct
Harassment and Violence

You are not alone; at Mason, we're here to help. We'll stand behind you, beside you, and with you.

Prevention is a Priority

Title IX covers a broad set of unwanted acts.

Items that are investigated under Title IX include stalking, intimate partner violence, sex and gender-based harassment, sexual assault, sexual exploitation, complicity and retaliation.

If you have experienced any of these behaviors, remedial and protective measures and support services are available for you.

There are also a variety of ways to report the incident to seek remedy.

Bystander Intervention

One of the most important elements of bystander intervention, as it relates to relationship violence, or situations that you think could become violent or dangerous, is to determine your comfort level in intervening, and being able to do so safely. We also ask people to have strategies in mind for how you can do one of the following:

  • Disrupt : If you're comfortable from a safe distance saying, "Excuse me, is everything alright here?" or, making eye contact with the person you are concerned for and asking, "Are you okay?" This can be enough of a disruption to decelerate the situation. 
  • Distract : You can distract people by drawing their attention to something else, or indicating you are willing to call for assistance. 
  • Redirect : There are times when redirecting them might make more sense. Perhaps this is to an office that can offer assistance, or to the friends they arrived with to decelerate the situation.

SAIV Task Force Report

George Mason University takes incidents of sexual assault and interpersonal violence seriously. The SAIV Implementation Team Task Force regularly recommends, measures, and reports on on-campus preventative, response, and remedial initiatives.

Read the Current Report

Pledge to fight sexual harassment

Mason works to create an atmosphere in which all people feel safe.

If you're uncomfortable providing the intervention yourself, but have concern for one or both of the parties involved, and see no one else who is willing to get involved, please contact the police department. Describe what you are witnessing and where it is happening, so the police can send an officer out to see if the situation needs professional intervention.

We offer custom training on bystander intervention techniques and would be happy to design a program for your department or student organization

SAIV Task Force Strategic Report

The entire university is involved in decreasing incidents of sexual assault and interpersonal violence on our campus.

Read the Campus Report and Strategic Plan