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Keeping Mason Welcoming and Inclusive for All

Compliance, Diversity and Ethics exists to ensure that all people can work and study at Mason without boundaries.

Meet our team of professionals:

Compliance, Diversity and Ethics


Portrait Julian Williams

Julian Williams
Vice President, Compliance, Diversity and Ethics








portrait of Ruth Townsend

Ruth Townsend
Associate Director
ADA Coordinator








Gillian Lancaster
Associate Director
Chief Investigator


Portrait Elizabeth Woodley

Elizabeth Woodley
University Ethics Officer & Policy Manager
FOIA Compliance Officer 








Portrait of Jennifer Hammat

Jennifer R. Hammat
University Title IX Coordinator








Megan Simmons
Equal Opportunity Specialist
Title IX Investigator 


portrait of Katusia Lundi

Katusia Lundi
Equal Opportunity and Diversity Specialist








Portrait of Kyle Warfield

Kyle Warfield
Equal Opportunity Specialist








Neda Masoudian
Equal Opportunity Specialist


Thomas Carter
Student Conflict Resolution and Support Coordinator


portrait of Yolanda King

Yolanda King
Executive Assistant








Portrait of Heather Madnick

Heather Madnick
Administrative Assistant








Assistive Technology Initiative


portrait Korey Singleton

Korey Singleton
Assistive Technology Initiative Manager








Kristine S. Neuber 
IT Accessibility Coordinator


portrait Courtney Ward

Courtney Ward
Accessible Media Coordinator








Nancy Borck

Accessible Media Specialist


Robert Starr

Program Support Specialist


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