Title IX Training Materials

Title IX Team Annual Training Materials

George Mason University provides extensive training to the members of the Title IX team. Per the 2020 Regulations, all training materials will be provided on this page.

For more information about the Association of Title IX Administrators and the most recent 2020 Requirements, please visit ATIXA's public training information page.

Browse below to access Title IX staff training materials:

Additional training information for EAS staff is below.  Please contact DEI at dei@gmu.edu for further information, including training materials. 

  • 2023-24 Academic Year

    • ADA Training:

      • Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Justice, and Accessibility
      • Disability Through an Intersectional Lens
      • What Are Your Words Saying?
      • ADA and Section 504 Compliant Investigations
      • ADA and Website Accessibility
      • ADA Basics Course
      • Title I ADA Guidelines
      • Assessing whether Remote Work can Solve the Employment and Discrimination Crisis
      • Role of the ADA Coordinator
      • Reasonable Accommodations
      • Standards for Accessible Design (Parts 1 and 2)
      • ADA Self-Evaluations and Transition Plans (Parts 1 and 2)
      • Inclusive Emergency Preparedness
      • Developing Ethics and Multi-Cultural Competency
      • Top Title II and III Cases – A Year in Review
      • 2010 Standards and Instructional Environments in Higher Education
    • Equal Opportunity Training:
      • Workplace Investigations
      • Ethical Considerations in Employment Law: Navigating the Investigation and Negotiation Process and the World of Social Media