Employee Accommodations

Have You Experienced a Barrier to Access?

Physical? Electronic? Attitudinal? If you run into a barrier on campus, please contact us at 703-993-8730.

Contact the ADA Coordinator

Crystal C. Coombes
ADA Coordinator
Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
MSN #2C2
Voice: (703) 993-8730
Fax: (703) 993-8899

Mason Supports Success in the Workplace

The university provides accommodations to individuals with disabilities in order to ensure equal access and opportunity to Mason employees.

Employee rights include:

  • Access to all university offerings, including courses, programs, services, activities, employment and facilities.
  • Information reasonably available in accessible formats.
  • An equal opportunity to employment.
  • Receive reasonable accommodations, which may include auxiliary aids and services.
  • Confidentiality of all information regarding his/her disability.

The employee accommodations process starts when an employee or a supervisor contacts the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Coordinator to discuss or request an accommodation:

What the ADA Coordinator Does

  • Explain the process and discuss the employee's request.
  • Provide an information-release form for medical documentation.
  • Obtain a job description.
  • Request confirmation of the employee's condition from a medical professional.
  • Schedule ergonomic and/or assistive technology assessments.
  • Evaluate the medical professional's report and the assessments to determine if the employee is eligible for accommodations and if so, what kind.
  • Discuss recommendations with employee and supervisor.
  • If accommodations are warranted, specify in an agreement with employee and supervisor.
  • Work with the employing department to provide accommodations.

Role of the Employee

  • Help obtain medical documentation.
  • Actively participate in assistive technology and/or ergonomic assessments.
  • Discuss accommodation needs with the ADA Coordinator and the supervisor.
  • Inform supervisor if accommodations are not effective.
  • Meet performance standards for his/her position.

Role of the Supervisor

  • Provide the employee's position description identifying the essential functions of the job and, if relevant, information about difficulties the employee may be having.
  • Discuss possible accommodations with the ADA Coordinator and employee.
  • Implement accommodations.
  • Monitor and evaluate accommodations' effectiveness.
  • Contact the ADA Coordinator if problems arise.