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Intake Form

This form provides some basic information to our office regarding incidents of discrimination, ethics violations or Title IX misconduct at George Mason University. Please supply requested information and click submit. Any information provided remains confidential.

If you wish to remain anonymous, please enter 'N/A' in the 'Name' field above.
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Basis of Complaint and/or Alleged Discrimination

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Types of Grievances

The following options are available for addressing problems within Compliance, Diversity, and Ethics (CDE).

Informal: Discuss allegations and concerns with respondent (the accused) and attempt to resolve the situation.  The respondent is reminded that George Mason University expects all to adhere to our equal opportunity policy.  Respondent is put on notice that behavior has been questioned, and informal resolution sought, if possible.  If attempts to resolve the situation are not successful, the complainant may pursue a formal complaint.  The Office reserves the right to investigate any allegation brought forward if it finds sufficient information to indicate a serious or continuing violation of the equal opportunity policy.

Formal: The Complainant provides a summary of the nature of the allegation in writing and then a full investigation is conducted by CDE complete with written findings and, if a violation is found, corrective actions are taken.


Please provide some details regarding your complaint. This could include the name of an indivdual, their title, department or location of events that led to your complaint. This form is used to provide our office with some basic information about the nature of your complaint. You will be able to provide additional information to one of our providers during your intake interview. 

Please provide the name(s) of the person(s) you are reporting
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