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​George Mason University is establishing a tradition of international and global awareness, while maintaining a commitment to serving historically underserved populations. This commitment makes Mason the right institution, in the right location, at the right time, with the right academic emphasis to lead the next generation of global leaders.​

You Can Make a Difference in a Student's Life

Your gift to Mason does more than just offer financial support to students. Your contribution(s) can assist in strengthening student recruitment and retention, increasing cultural programming and education, heightening faculty recruitment, broadening retention and professional development, and promoting community outreach.​

Gifts such as yours:

  • Ensure that expense does not prevent any deserving student from gaining an education;
  • Enable the largest number of students to take advantage of a university education;
  • Help students to shape their future and achieve their goals;
  • Make enrolling a richly diverse group of students a priority; and,
  • Place an emphasis on learning opportunities that happen outside the classroom through service learning, traveling abroad, and individualized instruction

Higher education is vital to our future and many of us benefit now from investments made 40 to 50 years ago.

Now is your opportunity to reinvest in today's generation and secure a better future for our community.

When you support diversity at Mason, you are making an investment in excellence.

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Generous donors enrich the educational experience of all Mason students, and enable many to attain a higher education without incurring massive debt.