Employee Accommodations

Contact the ADA Coordinator

Rachel Elliott
Interim ADA Coordinator
Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
MSN #2C2
Phone: (703) 993-8730

Employee Accommodations

The university provides reasonable accommodations to individuals with disabilities, upon request, in order to ensure equal access and opportunity for Mason employees.

The ADA Coordinator works confidentially with the employee, supervisor, their department, and any necessary medical providers to determine and implement appropriate accommodations where granted.  The employee accommodations process begins with the submission of the ADA ACCOMMODATIONS form. 

The ADA Coordinator will explain the accommodations process and inform the employee and the supervisor of their roles in determining an accommodations request:

Role of the Employee​​​​

  • Help obtain medical documentation
  • Actively participate in assistive technology and/or ergonomic assessments
  • Discuss accommodation needs with the ADA Coordinator and the supervisor
  • Inform supervisor if accommodations are not effective
  • Continue to meet performance standards for their position

Role of the Supervisor

  • Provide the employee's position description identifying the essential functions of the job.
  • Discuss possible accommodations with the ADA Coordinator and employee
  • Implement, monitor, and evaluate accommodations

The ADA Coordinator will work with the employee and their department to ensure that granted accommodations are implemented appropriately.  Supervisors are asked to monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of accommodations, and to contact the ADA Coordinator if any problems arise.

Failure to provide a reasonable accommodation to a qualified individual with a disability, or retaliating against an employee for requesting an accommodation, may constitute discrimination in violation of University Policy 1201.  Employees believing that they have experienced discrimination on the basis of their disability or retaliation for their accommodations request may file a complaint with Equity and Access Services in DEI.