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CDE Training Policy

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All George Mason University ("Mason") employees, defined as anyone who receives a paycheck from Mason, are required to complete three (3) CDE trainings: Title IX Overview and Sexual Harassment Prevention, Equal Opportunity: A Fair Shake and Ethics.


All Mason NEW HIRES are reqiuired to complete these trainings within their first 30 days of employment:

  1. Title IX Overview and Sexual Harassment Prevention (In-Person training)
  2. Equal Opportunity: A Fair Shake* (In-Person training)
  3. Ethics (Online or In-Person training)

* The Equal Opportunity: A Fair Shake curriculum is part of Mason's new employee Classified Staff or Administrative Professional Faculty Orientation.


All Mason employees are required to complete one ANNUAL AND two BIENNIAL trainings on a pre-set schedule:

Annual Training and Schedule

  1. Title IX Overview and Sexual Harassment Prevention (Year 1: In-Person; Year 2: Online; repeat)

Biennial Training and Schedule

  1. Equal Opportunity: A Fair Shake (Year 1: Online or In-Person; Year 3: Online or In-Person; repeat)
  2. Ethics (Year 1: Online or In-Person; Year 3: Online or In-Person; repeat)* 

* Departments or units may require their employees to take Ethics training more frequently depending on the employees' responsibilities.

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