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Exciting News from CDE!

CDE Online Training has moved to Cornerstone: a new, modern Learning Management System (LMS).

As a reminder, CDEs Training Policy requires all Mason employees — defined as anyone who receives a paycheck from Mason — to take three (3) CDE trainings: Title IX Overview and Sexual Harassment Prevention annually, and Equal Opportunity: A Fair Shake and Ethics every two years.

Adjunct faculty and remote employees may satisfy the In-Person training requirement by completing the corresponding Online training, where appropriate.

To login to the new Learning Management System (LMS), please visit the new LMS Login Page. Once logged in, search "EverFi" in the Search field at the upper-right of your screen to view a list of available trainings (click here to view a screenshot).

CDE Required Courses:

  • 101: Intersections: Preventing Discrimination and Harassment
    (Substitutes for Equal Opportunity: A Fair Shake training – must first be taken in person)
  • 127:  Tools for an Ethical Workplace **
    (Substitutes for Ethics training)
  • 418:  Bridges: Building a Supportive Community
    (Substitutes for Title IX Overview and Sexual Harassment Prevention training – must first be taken in person)

The remaning online courses — 419: Managing Bias and 109: Diversity: Inclusion in the Modern Workplace — are optional.

** Please note the information on slide #33 of Tools for an Ethical Workplace is NOT applicable for Commonwealth of Virginia Employees:

Employees cannot accept entertainment, gifts, favors, or gratuities from any merchant, vendor or student if the employee has any influence or authority over the merchant, vendor, or student’s contract or studies with the University. This would be illegal under Virginia law and a violation of University Policy 4001.

Accessibility for Online courses: It is recommended that users who require a screen reader use NVDA with the latest version of Firefox for the best experience. If you encounter difficulties accessing the training modules using NVDA or any other assistive technology applications, please contact the Assistive Technology Initiative at or 703-993-4329. For more information about Mason's commitment to accessibility, please visit Accessibility@Mason.