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End Discrimination

Mason does not tolerate discrimination.

We celebrate our status as one of the most diverse universities in the country, and our varied student body and faculty are assets: Think of all the things we can learn from each other.

Mason's community of more than 34,000 includes citizens from more than 130 nations and all 50 states, representing all races, ethnicities, nationalities, religions, sexual orientation and gender identities. We see different ideas and perspectives as the foundation of a vibrant learning environment.

Our goal is a campus free of any discrimination and harassment that diminishes individual dignity and impedes educational opportunities, equal access to freedom of academic inquiry, and employment opportunities. We allow no barriers to our scholarly, research, educational, and service missions, assuring an environment in which learning and productive work thrives. 

The university has an equally compelling interest in protecting freedom of speech and academic freedom, and in preserving the widest possible dialogue in the classroom and in research.

The Office of Compliance, Diversity and Ethics ensures and monitors Mason’s compliance with federal and state non-discrimination laws. However, every member of the community is responsible for an environment free of discrimination and harassment. Discrimination and harassment have a far-reaching impact on lives, educational experience, and careers. Intentionally false accusations are equally destructive.

Those who discriminate and those who knowingly and intentionally file a false complaint will be disciplined.

Student walks across George Mason Campus on foggy day

Although you might feel alone in a tough situation, you aren't. The Mason community is with you. If you feel you're facing discrimination, call us. Compliance, Diversity and Ethics has your back.